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Write with re-usable knowledge building blocks for effortless creativity and collaboration. Use threading and branching to create context and connection in your thinking, research and conversation. Why Threads? Threads are lists of short, related posts. Knovigator threads are called Quests. The short posts that make up Quests are called messages. Messages can represent thoughts, research, or chat messages. They can be referenced and re-used as building blocks in future threads. The Quests that contain them are private by default but are url-addressable and easily shareable. In Knovigator, Quests can have titles that communicate that quest's purpose or summarize its contents. Titles are useful for keeping collaborators aligned, and to quickly communicate context when a message in the quest matches a search query and is returned in search results. Branching As you write, Knovigator enables you to branch new quests from any message in the active quest. This removes friction from your writing by letting your ideas flow in many directions unencumbered by decisions about organization. Branching lets you build up ideas over time instead of letting time swallow your writing. The branching mechanic allows you to structure your writing in new ways not accessible in traditional documents, or single threaded writing apps. You can annotate your thinking and research by creating quests to expand on or refute an idea. You can branch a quest to attach research which backs up or refutes some claim made in the parent message. You can reply to particular messages and branch conversations to explore multiple topics without diluting the main thread. Connection Because Knovigator quests are composed of granular messages, we can use them as building blocks to create new threads. We can quote them from our new thread to re-use our prior knowledge work and make a connection between two contexts. In this way we can build up a web of concepts, ideas, stories, and conversations. This is made easier because everytime you start a new quest or branch your relevant quests are presented for you. You can then quote any message you find especially useful with a single click. Search Gardening Knovigator makes it easy to incorporate the web content you're browsing into your quests. The Knovigator chrome extension integrates tightly with your existing search workflows curate and capture the content you find most interesting. Knovigator enables you to turn your search queries into quest titles, and save the curated search results as messages to be used as building blocks for other threads. Alternatively, you launch a google search from any quest to add web content to it.


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