Clovery is now part of WebCatalog

Clovery is an app that integrates all your favorite Google services tightly with your Mac, lets you access these services quickly and work more productively.

Clovery is now part of the WebCatalog app. It is no longer available as a separate standalone product.

Download WebCatalog to get Clovery and much much more, including:

  • transform websites into desktop apps.
  • access a wealth of exclusive apps for Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • use spaces to organize apps.
  • switch between multiple accounts easily.


If you’re using the standalone Clovery app (downloaded from website, from the Mac App Store or from the Microsoft Store), the app will continue to work in the near future but will stop receiving updates.

If you've purchased Clovery Plus, your Clovery Plus license is transferrable to WebCatalog, totally free of charge.

  • If you have purchased Clovery Plus from our website (via Paddle), you can simply use your Clovery Plus licence key to activate WebCatalog Lifetime. Learn more about WebCatalog Lifetime.
  • If you have purchased Clovery Plus from the Mac App Store or from the Microsoft Store, please send us your purchase receipt by October 2024 to upgrade to WebCatalog Lifetime for free. We'll try to process your requests as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate your setup and data from Clovery to WebCatalog.


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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