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Willa is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include: Willa or Guilla of Provence (died before 924), early medieval Frankish queen Willa of Tuscany (died 970), queen consort of Berengar II of Italy Willa Brown (1906-1992), African-American pioneering aviator, lobbyist, teacher and civil rights activist Willa Cather (1873-1947), American novelist and writer Willa McGuire Cook (1928-2017), American three-time world and 18-time national water skiing champion Willa Fitzgerald (born 1991), American actress Willa Ford, stage name of American singer, songwriter and actress Amanda Lee Williford (born 1981) Willa Holland (born 1991), American actress and model Willa Kim (Wullah Mei Ok Kim) (1917-2016), American costume designer for stage, dance and film Willa Muir (1890-1970), Scottish novelist, essayist and translator Willa O'Neill (born 1973), New Zealand actress Willa Beatrice Player (1909–2003), African-American educator, college president and civil rights activist Willa Shalit (born 1955), American sculptor, producer, photographer, author and activist Willa Schneberg (born 1952), American poet Willa, protagonist of the French-Canadian animated TV series Willa's Wild Life Hurricane Willa, October 2018 Pacific storm

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