Turn Any Websites Into Real Desktop Apps

Get access to thousands of exclusive apps for Mac and PC with WebCatalog. Switch between multiple accounts, work more productively and forget about organizing tabs.


Apps, also known as site-specfic browsers (SSB), let you launch your favorite web services quickly in self-contained, distraction-free window.

Let's forget about switching between annoying browser tabs! Unlike websites, desktop apps include many features to enhance your workflow, including:

Multiple Accounts

Manage multiple accounts of any web services at the same time and switch between them with just a click or using keyboard shortcut.

Menu Bar Apps

Attach apps to menu bar (or tray) for quick access.

Protocol Handlers

Set your favorite webmail service such as Gmail or Fastmail as default email link handler. Or set Google Calendar app as web calendar link handler.

App Lock

Protect your data from sneaky eyes with passwords or Touch ID.

Enhanced Notifications

Control notifications by schedule and show unread badge on dock (or taskbar) icon.
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet
Roam Research


Spaces let you group multiple web services & accounts together and run them in a single window with all the benefits of desktop apps included.

With spaces, you can keep all your messaging apps or Google apps together. Or you can keep all your work apps in one place and personal apps in another, and celebrate work-life balance.

Multiple Services & Accounts

Manage multiple web services & accounts at the same time and switch between them with just a click or using keyboard shortcuts.

Unified Environment

All your emails, messages and files in one place.

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